Explore the app customisations

With the plugin you can styling the app without coding. Here some example:
Change the homepage style color

Choose between 2 styles:

1. MyListing style

2. AirBnb style

Change the primary color

Change the tab icons

Change the listing page style

You can choose between 2 style of listing page:

1: Airbnb style with no text over the cover image

2: MyListing style with text over the cover image.

And many others…

This is a custom page, you can edit or hide it via our plugin

To change it you can provide the page ID of the custom page you want to insert. The ID of a page is the number near the string post= in the url shown when you edit a page. Also the icon of the tab in the app menu can be changed, you can do it via our plugin. Choose one with FontAwesome.

some example of icons:

 fas fa-question-circle
 fas fa-star
 fas fa-mouse-pointer
 fas fa-book